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Which Heelys are the best?

Here are my top picks as the best Heelys that you just can't miss!

Heelys Torch shoes

Heelys Torch

As far as I am concerned, the model called Heelys Torch is the best kind of roller shoes to ever hit the planet. With a Nylon Express plate, ABEC 7 608 bearings, and a Mega Wheel, the Torches are SURE not to disappoint. The problem with them is that this model is discontinued, so there are only a handful of them left and only available on the Internet. But still, Torches are spectacular.

Rating 12 out of 10!!!

Heelys Torch shoes
Heelys Torch shoes

Heelys Fray

These look like Converse. And it is that simple. They are like a jacked up pair of All Stars. There are about 3 or 4 different colors and styles, one being style 7512. 7512's have orange trimming, cream colored canvas sides, and a black Low-Profile Fats wheel. Groovy, maaan!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Heelys Torch shoes

Heelys Grind This

These Heelys are discontinued. Like, the only place you can buy them anymore is at websites who sell them for 85 DOLLARS OR MORE. used to sell them for 35 bucks, which is when I got mine. A good quality Heely, which I recommend for beginning grinders. Excellent to start with, and a Fats style wheel.

Rating: 7 out of 10








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