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Family Vacation Ideas

Michigan's Adventure
Amusement Park
Muskegon, Michigan

For a great time on the shores of Lake Michigan, check out Michigan's Adventure. The rides and waterpark are sure to provide fun for the whole family!

If you're looking for a great Midwest amusement park vacation for your family, look no further than Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon, Michigan. The park is great for the younger kids because it's not as big as some of the others, but still offers a variety of excitement for the whole family.

The park features:Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang on a mural in one of Michigan Adventure's great gift shops!

  • A variety of rides and slides

  • A great water park with three wave pools

  • A "kid-friendly" layout (rides are close together to make it easier for little legs)

The Wolverine Wildcat - A mid-sized wooden rollercoaster that's great for kids and grownups!
For us, the highlights of the park were its three wooden roller coasters.
The smallest one, Zak's Zoomer was great for our 4-year old, Colin. He was excited by the hills, and rode the ride with his arms up the whole time. (It was a little too exciting for mom, who wouldn't go on again.) The medium coaster called the Wolverine Wildcat was perfect for Adam, our 7-year old who was looking for a thrill, but was too short to get on the the biggest coaster. It was also exciting enough to make dad hold on tight!

The Shivering Timbers rollercoaster is a thill for even the bravest rollercoaster fan!

Shivering Timbers, the biggest coaster, is a thrill for everyone! Brendan, who's 10 couldn't get enough of it! The coaster starts with a series of large hills and is one of the fastest, longest wooden coasters in the world! The park also has a small corkscrew which is pretty fun even though it's not as big as some of the others.

After you've had enough of the rollercoasters, check out the great waterpark. This is a great deal for families because it's included with the price of admission! Check out the Funnel of Fear! Michigan Adventure's newest waterslide!There are several slides for both big kids and little kids, and also three great wave pools! The whole family can go down the "Funnel of Fear", a large slide that a family of four can go down together! The slide ends in a giant funnel at the bottom! You glide around the funnel just before you splash into the pool at the bottom!

Michigan's Adventure is a great amusement park that truly has something for everyone!





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