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Family Vacation Ideas

Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Mears, Michigan

Mountains of sand and miles of beaches await you and your family at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan!
Silver Lake sand dunes shoreline

The minute your eyes catch a glimpse of the beautiful sands of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes you'll know you're in for a wonderful family vacation! The beautiful beaches and scenery are tons of fun for kids and parents alike!

There are many ways to enter the dunes area. You can park at the Silver Lake State Park and follow the footpaths to the edge of the dunes. From there, you can climb just a few dunes, or go a little farther to the shores of Silver Lake.

On our first trek into the dunes, we entered on foot from Silver Lake State Park. Although it's a beautiful walk, it's also very tiring walking up the larger dunes- especially if it's hot! We climbed over the largest of all the dunes, plus a couple more on the way to the beach at Silver Lake. Brendan (who's 10) kept us going with the rallying cry "No whining!"


The Mac Woods dune buggy at a stop along the shore of Lake Michigan
Mac Woods dune buggy

We played at the beach awhile before we headed back over the dunes. Colin, who's 4 couldn't make it up the last hill. Dad had to carry him-- along with the camera bag, backpack, and extra water. WHEW! The natural beauty of the dunes makes walking them worth every step. If you go, bring lots of water, and try to go in the morning or evening to avoid the hot mid-day sun.

Visitors reaching the beach at Silver Lake after hiking across the dunes are treated with beautiful views!
"We're almost there!"

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes as seen from the Mac Woods Dune Rides!The Mac Woods Dune Rides are also a great way to see the dunes. The drivers are very knowledgeable and provide humorous little anecdotes to entertain you along the way. You'll also get to visit areas of the dunes that you can't see any other way.


Little Point Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes

After you're done at the dunes, have fun in town at the go-kart track, or play a round of putt-putt golf. There's also a nice scenic drive you can take to the restored Little Point Sable Lighthouse on the Shore of Lake Michigan. For a small donation you can take a tour of the lighthouse. Climb the circular staircase to the top revealing a great view of the Lake Michigan shoreline! One word of caution- if you're afraid of heights you may want to stay on the ground here. The staircase is very steep, and when you go outside at the top, it's a little scary!

If you're in Western Michigan, be sure to check out the Silver Lake Sand Dunes! Check out more pics and puzzles on our Silver Lake puzzle page!











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